'Where Power Lies' came out in paperback on 31 March 2011. It was first published by Simon & Schuster on February 4, 2010. It was serialised in The Independent and has received some very positive reviews. If you would like a signed copy please use the link on the right.


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Where Power Lies

Where Power LiesWhere Power Lies opens in 1916 when David Lloyd George was accused of using the press to help depose Herbert Asquith as prime minister and take the job himself. It ends with Gordon Brown struggling with a hostile media as he faces the 2010 general election. It contains a great deal of detail and colour on the long-running battle for power between Downing Street and the media. It includes exclusive accounts by Number 10 insiders, including key members of Gordon Brown's staff who are brutally frank about his inability to master his political communications.


Antony Howard called it 'the best guide to the armed frontier between politics and journalism I have ever read', Jeremy Vine said it was a 'gripping read', and Matthew Parris called it 'entertaining, gripping and thorough'.


"A well-told and salutary tale and shaming to both sides of the divide." - Rod Liddle, The Sunday Times


"A compelling account of how politicians and the media struggle for mastery of public opinion. His book – rich with historical detail, penetrating in its analysis and entertaining in its anecdotes – is the sharpest contemporary account I have read." - Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer


"his well-chosen quotations and anecdotes make it highly instructive... Price cheers us up by demonstrating that neither in politics nor in journalism is perfection to be expected, but that it may be possible to improve things a bit." - Andrew Gimson, The Daily Telegraph


The book looks at what has gone wrong in the relationship between politics and the media and how it has damaged the public's trust in what goes on at Westminster. It holds out hope of a better future with more honesty and transparency on both sides.


Where Power Lies is available on Amazon at the discounted price of £6.95.

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“Entertaining, convincing and thorough, Price takes us on an insider's tour of the badlands between two domains: the media and politics. Fact-packed, quote-stocked and masterly, a book to be read for reference, for scholarship or for fun.”

- Matthew Parris


The Spin Doctor's Diary

The Spin Doctor's DairyThe Spin Doctor’s Diary was first published in September 2005 and appeared in paperback with a new preface in June 2006. Its appearance, and in particular its serialisation by the Mail on Sunday which published without permission material deleted at the behest of the government, caused a great deal of controversy. It was extravagantly praised by some and condemned by others.


The Spin Doctor’s Diary came out some eighteen months before that of my old boss Alastair Campbell and so was the first insider’s diary from the Blair years. Its publication was followed by a House of Commons inquiry into the rules governing books of this kind and to a police inquiry into whether Tony Blair had committed an offence under the Public Order Act. I gave evidence to both. The first produced some sensible proposals and the second was eventually dropped. You can read part of my evidence to the Public Administration Select Committee on why I published the book here.

The Independent on SundayThe book was short-listed for the Channel Four Political Book of the Year. GQ (April 2008) had it at number 17 in 'The 50 Best Political Books of All Time'.


“...a surprisingly readable account of New Labour's total obsession with news management...' Chris Mullin, 'Decline and Fall'


“Quite brilliant…These diaries have performed a public service of great importance” . Peter Oborne, The Evening Standard


“Sharp, often very funny and always readable. Lance Price was right to publish. And should not be damned”. Sir Stephen Wall, former adviser to Tony Blair, New Statesman


“Lance Price is a turd”. Boris Johnson, The Spectator

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“These are gripping diaries, acutely well-observed and written in fine prose. They will provide the first insider diary account of Blair's number 10. They will be as fascinating to readers today as they will to future historians.”

- Anthony Sheldon
Author of 'Blair'


Time & Fate

Time and FateTime and Fate is Lance's first novel. It combines an insider's view of 10 Downing Street with a cast of characters that includes ruthless politicians, hard-drinking journalists, incompetent revolutionaries, drug dealers and prostitutes.


It is a story of how power, principles and passions collide and it asks what happens when the man at the top says enough is enough. The novel was published in October 2005 by the Polperro Press (


The Times speculated that "perhaps Time and Fate will be the corking political novel that Blair’s Britian so badly needs". Progress magazine said it "...successfully evokes the humanity and emotions of the people behing the deserves to be read as a refreshingly engaging political novel."

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“I thoroughly enjoyed this well-constructed, pacy and, above all, entertaining first novel. The multi-layered and topical plot really benefits from the authenticity that the ex spin-doctor’s inside track on domestic life at No.10; the workings of government; and the realities of spin and real politique lend it.”



Berlitz Guide to Iceland

Berlitz Guide to IcelandThe Berlitz Guide to Iceland was co-authored with Lance's partner, James Proctor. Lance was also principal photographer on the project. It may be small but it was his first book. And it's even available in French!

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